Welcome to China Wuhan Industry Environmental Expo 2022

2022 武汉国际工业节能环保技术装备展览会


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  • Oct. 20 , Thur. 09:00-16:30
  • Oct. 21 , Fri. 09:00-16:30
  • Oct. 22 , Sat. 09:00-16:00


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The organizing committee utilizes abundant resources to invite experts in key fields such as coal, electric power, steel, non-ferrous metals, petrochemicals, chemicals, building materials, machinery, textiles, light industry, agriculture, construction, transportation, communications, civil and commercial industries in central China. Energy-saving and environmental protection technology and equipment users, as well as environmental engineering companies, to visit the exhibition.

More than 100 industrial parks in Central China-Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wuhan Jianghan Economic Development Zone, Central China Surface Treatment Circular Economy Industrial Park, Optics Valley Biological City, Xianning High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Ezhou Development Zone Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Industrial Park, Hubei Yangxin Industrial Park, Shiyan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jingzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hubei Danjiangkou Economic Development Zone, Wuhan Chemical Industry Zone, Hubei Xingshan Economic Development Zone, Hubei Hanchuan Economic Development Zone, Xiaogan Airport Economic Zone, Yiling, Hubei Economic Development Zone, Hubei Yidu High-tech Industrial Park, Hubei Badong Economic Development Zone, Hubei Fangxian Industrial Park, Hubei Zhijiang Economic Development Zone, Xiangcheng Economic Development Zone, Hubei Xianfeng Industrial Park

More than 5,000 environmental protection and energy-saving technology equipment procurement companies in Central China like: Dongfeng Motor Company, Shenlong Motor Company, Great Wall Motor Company Jingmen Branch, Dongfeng Honda Motor Company, China Yangtze Electric Power Company, Jianghuai Automobile Company, BorgWarner Wuhan Company, Tinafell Wuhan Company, Lingyun Technology, Jintian Aluminum, Lantian Hi-Tech, Sanhuan Group, Wuhan Shipbuilding Industry, Jinao Technology Company, Huaxing Optoelectronics Technology Company, Lenovo Wuhan Production Base, Wuhan Tianma Microelectronics, TPV Display, Aerospace Electric Engineering, Angel Yeast, Wuhan Supor, Huaqiang Technology, Yudahua Textile Group, Hubei Changjiang Electric, Wuhan Kingfa Technology, Hubei Danone Food, Yellow Crane Tower Winery, Wuhan Changxing Group, Hualu Hengsheng, China Aerospace Sanjiang Group, Huadian Jiangling Power Plant, Tongji Hospital, Union Hospital, Sany Heavy Industry, Hunan Nonferrous Heavy Machinery Industrial Park, Daye Nonferrous Metals Group, Daohuaxiang Group, Qianshui Environmental Technology, Yuanda Pharmaceutical, Mindray Medical , Daming Metal, Wuhan Zhonghai Grain and Oil Industry, Hengtian Jiahua, Huaxin Cement, Hengsheng Optoelectronics, Swire Coca-Cola, Mingxing Electronics, Sinopharm Zhonglian Pharmaceutical, Junji Environment, China Aerospace Sanjiang Group, Hubei Zhouheiya, Disco Chemical, Shenglong Electric Group Co., Ltd., Camel Group, Renfu Pharmaceutical, Yichang East Sunshine Yangtze River Pharmaceutical, Ogilvy Medical, Sinopharm Hubei Co., Ltd., Zall Industrial, Jointown Pharmaceutical Group, Hubei Tobacco Company, Wuhan Changli Glass, Bao Wuhan Iron and Steel, Hubei Dongjun Industry, Huitian New Materials, Jianghan Fine Chemicals, Jinghua Textile Group, Sunflower Pharmaceutical Group.

China's leading exhibition covering power generation, storage, transmission and distribution. All kinds of technologies/products related to hydrogen & fuel cell, rechargeable battery, smart grid, wind energy, biomass power, and gas power generation, etc. are gathering. Each field is divided into specialised shows, and active business meetings will be conducted among exhibitors and visitors from around the world. Also, Technical conferences take place by industry's top leaders every day.

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地址:Address:Room 505, Building A, Pazhou Exhibition Creative Park, No. 10, Haicheng East Street, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China

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